What You Should Change in Your Food Regime Right Now

Change your food regime

The healthy lifestyle trend is an incredibly discussed topic everywhere: on TV, radio, in magazines, in Youtube vlog channels, in blogs, lifestyle websites, etc. Everyone is excited about what regular exercises and correct eating habits can lead to: a beautiful, lean figure, flawless skin, better appearance as a whole and last but not least, less illnesses and a longer, happier life.

Every single change in your lifestyle can be meaningful. You can spend fifteen minutes working out every morning before work or school and this little change in your routine can be the reason for a boost in your energy level, for a more productive workday and, of course, for a firmer body. Or maybe you will forget about drinking Coke and swap it for water. We are not going to try and sell you on the incredible benefits of water, and hopefully, we do not have to explain why fizzy drinks are not a great idea. Overall, we are simply telling you that every change you make in the name of a healthier lifestyle will sooner or later have a great impact on your physical, emotional and psychological condition, on your private life and your career.

The first food you should try and eliminate from your daily menu is white rice. Yes, it is not something really unhealthy, but it is better if you go for brown rice or quinoa. Sushi rolls and vegetable rice seem harmless, but it is not entirely true. The good news is that lots of restaurants nowadays (at least the modern ones) offer brown rice as a substitute for white one. Quinoa is the other alternative and it is a great grain, packed with fiber and protein! It is actually helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

The second food we advise you to avoid are health bars with too much sugar in them. Companies which produce these health bars rely on the fact that people trust advertisements and think they are eating something extremely low-calorie and healthy. Instead, we recommend you pay attention to the content list. Go for a bar containing zero added sugar or the protein ones which have very little sugar in them. All in all, the bars you should be buying and eating should either be made of only natural ingredients and the sugar comes from fruit OR the protein ones that contain tiny amounts of sugar. These bars can be a great snack in between bigger meals and can give you some energy for a workout or when you are on the go.

Also, it is a good idea for you to forget about dry fruit as a whole. They often contain large amounts of added sugar and preservatives which are not quite healthy and nutritious. Fresh fruit are definitely the better option. Apples, bananas, and strawberries are a great snack. If you want to have something to eat before working out, you can cut an apple and add some natural peanut butter, for instance. Also, if you like having muesli-like breakfasts, just mix some natural yogurt, fresh fruit and honey. We promise you will love it!

Finally, forget about the ready salad dressings, sold in supermarkets. You might feel that a salad needs a dressing to make it more delicious, but precisely the sauce you add will destroy the healthy meal you have prepared. Salad dressings often contain lots of fat and sugar. Avoid cream based dressings for they are high in calories and fat and will hinder your weight loss plan. Instead, add olive oil (but not too much!), lemon, cracked pepper, or maybe even Greek-style yoghurt and honey (but not every time).

Hopefully, you will soon notice how these small changes in your diet plan are actually making a difference!