Whole Twisted Bun


Whenever you feel the need of acting like a child again (it doesn’t matter that you are 25 years old), you can always do it by making a favorite look from your childhood. Some of us like the pigtails, others like the ribbons, but one of the most adorable hairstyles is the twisted bun. I’m sure that you remember it and how fun it was to call your friends at the front porch during the spring break and start to braiding your hairs and making gorgeous hairstyles. I’m sure that you have been stealing secretly your mom’s makeup palette. But today we won’t talk about makeup, we will talk about hairstyle and the particular hairstyle with the twisted strands. Take a look at the tutorial and remind yourself the careless and beautiful childhood you had. Just follow the simple steps:

  • There is no need for curling iron, not straightening one. All you need is a bunch of bobby pins, hair brush and two hair bands.
  • Brush the hair to the back and if you notice that the hair is a little bit greasy, you can spritz some of the good old dry shampoo in order to look fresh and clean.
  • Then divide the hair into two sections – top and bottom. Let the part run through the back of the head and it has to connect one ear and the other. Tie the top section into a bun while you work with the bottom one.
  • The the bottom hair into a low ponytail and apply stylizing mousse on the tail in order to work easier with the strands.
  • Take small sections of hair and twist them until they start to roll easily. Attach every twisted strand into a small bun to the base of the ponytail. Repeat until you twist the whole ponytail.
  • Then use the top section and again twist some sections and wrap them around the created twisted bun. Secure the strands with a lot of bobby pins.


 twisted bun