Why He Breakups When Everything Seems to be OK


We are a little bit spoiled when it comes to male psychology. We think that women are hard to get, but I personally think that men don’t run the marathon in the last positions. Often, men act like women. You ask him what is going on, and if there is something wrong, and he just says: “Nothing, I’m fine.” Well, this is a line that should come out of a woman’s mouth. The most frustrating thing is when he breakups with you out of nothing (in your eyes), while it is obvious that he is into you. The last thing reminded me of a movie He’s Just Not That Into You. The movie is adorable and I’m sure that the things are close to real life. Oh, and actors like Scarlet Johansson and Bradley Cooper are staring in the movie, so, you definitely should check it out. But enough with the movie, let’s talk about men and why they ends a relationship when everything seems to be pretty great with both of you:

The most common reason is that the bed activities are not as good as he wants them to be. Admit it, the good quality sex is equally important for you as well. If he is not enjoying the intimate times with you, he will run away no matter the fact that he likes you and he enjoys your company. In fact, that’s a problem that can be solved, but some guys prefer the easy path – cut and run.

A bigger problem is that he wants to sleep with other people. Well, it is not a bigger problem, it is a huge problem. There is a chance that you have met this type of guy that wants to show his domination by sleeping with as many people as he can while he is young and strong. If a guy is fully satisfied with his sex life with you, this shouldn’t calm you down. He might want to have a stunning ex, which looks better than you look and certainly knows him better than you might. I can’t explain it, but a guy is capable of liking you and having fun with you while his mind is in someone else’s bed.

Let’s move to the deeper problems – he is manipulated easily. Don’t hurry to celebrate, because he is not manipulated by you, but the opinion of his friends and mother is highly important for him when he takes any kinds of decisions. It takes only one bad move of yours for his friends to ban you from his life. If he is weak enough to be affected by the two-hours “woo-Psh” whip noise, then you don’t deserve him. His mom will do the things more delicately, he we will start to think that the idea of breaking up with you is all his.

If you are dating a career guy, he will most probably dump you if he gets an opportunity for a great job that will require a sacrifice. Your relationship will be the sacrificial lamb. Don’t be too sad, because you certainly don’t need a man who will work 24/7. This means that you will have to dine alone, always waiting for him to come home. So, let him go.

The long distance is a relationship crusher. The plane tickets will eat your savings and the fact that he won’t be able to see you every day will make him hesitate about his dedication in this relationship, even when he likes you a lot. But that’s the better decision. If there is a chance for you to follow him, it would be great, but sometimes the live is not that simple.