5 Reasons your hair does not look flawless

flawless long hair

Women are connected to their hair in such a deep level that they do not even realize it sometimes. When “accidentally” their hairdresser has cut more of their hair than they have expected, many women start crying, probably because they feel like part of their femininity has been taken away from them.

But if we have to be honest, having your hair as long as possible because you are not capable of cutting it, does not necessarily mean that the hair is strong and beautiful. On the contrary, sometimes the longer it becomes, the drier it gets, and the person wearing it is just not a pretty picture.

So, what to do if you want long and strong hair without having to cut it? Think about your daily routine, are you doing everything necessary to protect it from the environment the best way possible? Here are 5 things you had no idea prevented your hair from looking like Rapunzel’s hair.

Dirty hair brushes and combs

As much as you can be surprised, not cleaning your hair brushes and combs is one of the reasons your hair not to grow strong and shiny. Think about the last time when you cleaned these hair tools, including your iron curlers and flat irons. If it was not soon, you should change this right away, and what is more, you should turn this into your habit.

When you use your comb and hair brush, the natural oils from your hair gather around the bristles. And when you leave it somewhere, the bristles, already with oil from your head, are also covered by dust. And if you do not wash this dirt, it is going to back again to your hair, thus leading it to weaker hair, prone to breakage and falling.


It is true that sunglasses are not designed for your hair, but for your eyes, so why are they one of the reasons your hair not to be flawless?

Well, the answer is simple, if has to do with one of the oldest habits of wearing sunglasses that became very popular in the 1990s – to put the sunglasses on top of your head when there is no sunlight. As much as you may find it strange, this ordinary human habit prevents the hair from growing and even leads to hair loss, because the sunglasses press the roots of the hair.

And not only this, but some kinds of sunglasses are constructed in such a way that a person involuntarily plucks a few hairs when moving the glasses back to their right place – on the nose, to protect the eyes. So, just try to avoid this habit as much as possible if you want to help your hair.

Cotton sheets

Sleeping in cotton sheets is something that a lot of people prefer compared to the sheets made of other fabrics. There is nothing wrong with this, because cotton is a natural fabric and absorbs some of the humidity in your bed, and that includes also body sweat.

However, this means that the cotton in the sheets will absorb some of the moisture of your hair, thus leaving it drier and prone to breakage easily. So, you should be careful with choosing the right kind of fabric for your linen. And if you want to still use cotton one, you can just have your sleeping pillowcase in some other fabric, different from cotton.

Washing it too often

Everybody wants flawless hair, without traces of natural oils in the roots of the hair. And that is one of the reasons many women wash their hair too often, every day or every other day. Remember that the more often you wash your hair, the sooner it will get greasy again. And this is like a bad cycle which has no end.

And not only this, but washing your hair too often washes away the natural oils from the ends of the hair and makes them weaker and leads to split ends – one of women’s worst hair nightmares.

So, make sure that there one or two full days between the periods of washing your hair, and do not forget to apply conditioner in the ends of your hair.

Not protecting it from the sun

This is one of the most common mistakes women make, especially in the summer month when the sun is very strong and dries away the moisture of the hair. Some women think that the sun is not that bad because it makes them natural highlights without any dye.

However, this is not quite true, because this natural way of highlighting one’s hair make is very dry. So, make sure that your hair is always protected before you go out.

There are special products you can use, like hair sprays. If you use them regularly, you will see that in the end of the summer your hair will be much softer than before.