How to Get Along With Your Hair

What is your personality according to your bun

Sometimes your hair is like a stubborn toddler. You want it to behave in a certain way, but it keeps on doing its business without listening to you and your needs. Imagine this is happening with your hair when you need to finish your work or when you need to look properly for an important business meeting.

I have a friend who has such a stubborn hair. She calls is an Alive hair, because it behaves just the way it like it. For instance, when she ties her hair into a ponytail, after half an hour, the hair is out of the tight grip of the hair band. If I wasn’t a witness to this thing, I would never believe it if someone told me it happened.

So, you can imagine how difficult is for her to stylize her hair – curls, flat lock, buns, whatever she tries to make, the hair goes to its natural position. It’s hopeless. I don’t have a solution for this situation, but I have a solution for hairs that are more eager to be tamed. Take a look at the tutorial  and see how to organize your hair into a beautiful knot. You will both look good and be comforted by the fact that your hair is out of your face while you are handling your daily tasks. Check it out:

  • Comb the hair to the back in order to remove the part.
  • Then separate the bangs area of the hair (from ear to ear).
  • Divide this separated sections in two and take one of them. Twist it and attach to the back with a hair clip, otherwise it will untwist. This is a temporary look.
  • Then twist the same way the other half of the front section of hair.
  • Unclip the first one and tie both of the twist together into a neat knot. Then tie again and secure with bobby pins.