5 Short Girls Shopping Problems


Short girls have both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes a girl can be so short that when she goes to the bank the guard tells her to come back when she is 18 years old (and she actually is 25). Some people in the public transport tend not to notice short people and even step over them. On the other hand, a short girl can buy shoes from the kid’s section where shoes are definitely cheaper, but this is no such big advantage since there are no high heels in the kid’s section. So, short girls do have a problem when it comes to shopping. Here are some of their most common problems.

Problem № 1 Finding a miniskirt

When a short girl tries to find a miniskirt it is a real adventure and this is not in the good sense of the word. Miniskirts look like regular skirts on short women. The skirt should be really, really mini in order to do the job. Now, I see why there are so many tall girls wearing “belts” instead of skirts, they just bought one designed for short girls.

Problem № 2 Sweaters

When a short girl buys a sweater it ends up looking like a dress. For those of you who do not have a problem wearing dresses it is ok. But since it is winter some girls do not like to have a single naked spot on their bodies, so they put some pants under the sweater (“dress”) and this ends up being a disaster.

Problem № 3 No flats at all

Flats are not even an option for short girls. They “must” wear high heels. And let’s be honest, it does not matter how sexy they are, or how elegant, they rarely are comfortable. When you have spent a whole day in high heels, your feet hurt so much that it makes you hate these shoes. There is one advantage at least – your date won’t be taller than you even if you wear heels.

Problem № 4 Long jeans

It does not matter how slim you are, or what kind of jeans you are going to buy, they will be always longer for your legs. This is a problem even regular size girls have. So the two options are either to bring them to a tailor to shorten them a little, or to fold them up your legs (a lot). It is complicated in both cases.

Problem № 5 Everything has to be tailored

And that wouldn’t be such a big problem if you have tons of money but imagine that you just have spend some money for clothes and now you have to spend more so they can fit you. And sometimes tailoring costs more than the clothes. This is pretty annoying. And people wonder why you do not like shopping.


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