7 Special Places You Must Visit in Italy


For many years it has been known that Italy is a country where pleasure is highly venerable.

The Italians have great food, wine and beautiful people and they know how to treat each one of them – with respect. Italy is a great country worth visiting no matter what the season is. There are so many places a person should visit that it will probably take them a whole year to do it.

So, we have prepared for you the top 7 destinations you should visit and when you do it, you can move on to other interesting Italian places. And here they are!

Top destinations in Italy


This may be not one of the most famous destinations in Italy and not many people have heard of it, but for sure you will not regret if you go there.

Caprera is an island situated near Sardinia that will take your breath away. You can visit it only in the summer when the island is opene to tourists and you can reach it only by boat. The reason for these precautions is that the island has been turned into a reservation to protect the species of animals that nest there and the vegetation.

This is definitely a calm place where you can escape from the big city and feel the nature.


This is an ancient village situated in the northeast part of Italy close to its outside boarder. If you are into ancient history, then this is your destination. You can find remains of the powerful Roman city which was at that very same place, centuries ago.

Aquileia is now a heritage village surrounded by a number of fine wineries where you can taste some of the best Italian wine, and where you can enjoy the beautiful and relaxing scenery – miles and miles of green countryside, as far as your gaze can reach. And if you are a fan of the Gothic architecture, you can have a look at the medieval basilica in the center of the village.


Once a small village whose inhabitants were only fishermen, now Portofino is a top destination, where celebrities come to have a vacation. So, if you go there you will not miss anyone famous or any of the paparazzi hidden in the bushes, waiting for their next “victim”.

The life in Portofino is mainly led around the town square where you can find everything you might need, including some designer shops. Another thing you should not miss to visit while you are, there is the beautiful beach where you can relax and get some great bronze tan.


Province of Mantua is situated in the north of Italy, where a collection of villages is huddled in the embrace of a beautiful green valley.

In the renaissance, Mantua was an important artistic center where a lot of artists were inspired for most of their work. If you go there you can admire its incredible architecture, a heritage from the past. This place gathers a lot of artistic and architectural connoisseurs, and some Shakespearean fans, because Mantua was mentioned in two Shakespearean plays: “Turn of the Screw” and “Romeo and Juliet” where Romeo was exiled.

Ascoli PicenoAscoli Piceno

Similar to the other interesting and historical places in Italy, Ascoli Piceno has great architecture. However, there are some things that distinguish it from the other Italian cities and these are its marble constructions and its astonishing piazzas.

But do not thing that you will get bored there, there is a lot to do. You can take a tour around the local churches, or find a place in the nearby woods where you can have a picnic in the fresh air.


People who have been there say that once you go, there you would keep returning to it and this is not only because the beautiful nature, but also because of the friendliness of the locals.

Cortona is situated in the province of Tuscany, whose beautiful nature can take your breath away. It is no wonder why so many films and stories take place there. The whole area where Cortona is has so much history that numerous festivals and re-enactments of the past take place there. Be sure not to miss them when you go there.


This city is one of the most famous in the list. Siracusa is the principal city of Sicily where you can find traces of its past everywhere. This city has something from all the other cultures that had something to do with it in the past; these are Byzantine, Roman, Norman and Arab.

And not only the architecture and the locals can show you this, but also its traditional ceremonies, festivals and fiestas. Everything is a fine mixture of music and color on the streets of Sicacusa, so do not miss having a look at it.