8 Mistakes You Make While You Are Straightening Your Hair


People say that women with straight hair love curly hair and women with curly hair love straight hair. In other words, you want to have what you do not have. However, achieving this perfect straight and sleek hair is not an easy job. Even women with straight hair are not all born with this perfect hairdo. When you use a flat iron on your straight hair it is a completely different story. It does not matter whether you have straight hair, there is always some annoying curls at the ends of your hair. So, what do we do? We turn to the “magical” flat iron.

However, there is one problem – straightening your hair with heat makes it really, really dry. Thus the split ends appear and you have to cut them so your hair becomes shorter and shorter, and, of course, drier. At one point you start thinking “is all of this worth it?” If you are one of these people you probably make these 8 mistakes while you are straightening your hair. Read them carefully and stop doing them!

  1. Not starting from the shower

Do not fool yourselves, no shampoo or conditioner will make your hair super straight. But they might help. When you are washing your hair carefully comb it while you still have shampoo on it. Then carefully wash it off, being careful not to tangle the ends together. Another important thing you must do is when you are out of the shower. Most of us want to dry their hair super fast, so they towel their hairs like crazy which, of course, helps with drying but it absolutely destroys the hair follicle. Be absolutely gentle while you are toweling your hair.

  1. Blow-drying in the wrong direction

This is probably the easiest way to straighten hair. However, it is very damaging. First of all, do not dry your hair right after the shower, let is dry by itself for some time. And use a towel to pat it downwards. Another important thing while you are blow-drying your hair is to keep the nozzle facing downwards. This will make your hair more sleek. Remember also that is better to go through one section of hair slower, but once or twice than going through it 10 times fast. It will not be damaged so much.

hairdo in hair salon

  1. Using a flat while your hair is wet

This is a “no-no” in the hair straightening rules. When your hair is dry you can use a blow-dryer, but forget about flat ironing. When your hair is wet is even more prone to breakage than usual. Your hair should be absolutely dry when to do it.

  1. You are not using heat protecting spray

The way you protect your skin from the sun, you should protect your hair from the heat. Heat could easily make your hair start breaking. If you still do not have such a spray in your beauty box it is time to fix this mistake fast. It is better if you choose a product that is alcohol free, definitely, and without oils or silicone (preferably) because they will weigh the hair down.

  1. You are not sectioning your hair

When you are using a flat iron alone with only the help of a mirror, let’s be honest, it is really hard to do the right job, especially in the back of your head. So, at one point you are probably fed up with all of this and start grabbing random sections of hair – one from the back of your head, the other from your left. And in the end is a complete mess. Start with sectioning your hair first in two. While you are straightening the left side, secure the right one with a hairpin or an elastic band. Also, when you are done straightening one lock of hair, put it aside and use a hairpin to secure it so it does not get in your way.

  1. You keep going over the same sections again and again

This mistake has to do with the previous rule of not sectioning your hair. If you do not section it, you might forget which sections you have straightened. You keep going through the ones that are more comfortable to reach, so you do not straighten the other ones and you add unnecessary heating to these sections.

  1. You are using an iron

And I am not kidding. Even with all the hair products, techniques and machines, some girls keep using irons to straighten their hair,. This is very, very wrong because irons are not designed to straighten hairs, but clothes, so they do not have ceramic coating which flat irons have and which is designed to protect your hair. Regular irons will just make your hair look like a bunch of straws, A.K.A dry. So, if you are doing this just stop right away.

  1. You are only straightening long hair

If you have short hair, which is very thick, do not use a blow-dryer to make your hairdo. Instead, use a flat iron. It will be faster and less damaging to the hair and will make is quite sleek and polished. And you thought that only long hair could be flat ironed!