A-Month-by-Month Guide To The Best Places to Travel This Year


Maybe some of you already had a vacation this year, while others wait for the warm summer months to come and then have a break. It is not necessary that you have a vacation every year at the same time. You may like to have some time off from work in the spring when the weather is warm and the sun is bright, but it is not too hot for you that you cannot breath. Or you could be a fan of the summer and would like to go to the beach. Winter is also a great season if you are a fan of the winter sports or you just like to cuddle with your lover in front of a fireplace and drink wine. The good news is that you can have whatever your heart desires. We have prepared for you a list of the best places to travel each month of the year.

January – The Caribbeans

After the Christmas holidays are over it is not necessary to feel depressed that you have to go back to your previous everyday life. There is another thing you could do instead – have a tour around the Caribbean Islands. There is a large number of things you could do there, like exploring caves, go scuba diving, visit some ancient ruins, or just lie around the deck to catch some suntan. As a plus, there won’t be many people around getting in your way.

February – Skiing in the Lesser-Known Mountains

If you avoid President’s day in February you could have a pretty amazing time in some of the mountains that are not so much visited by tourists. If the resort is smaller, then there will not be crowds of people that will spoil your vacation. You will be able go to skiing and to catch the last winter days good for skiing.

March – Go to Oahu

Since a lot of students are having their spring break in March, you would better try to avoid these crowds and go somewhere more peaceful. For example, you could go to the Hawaiian island Oahu in March. The number of tourists at that time of the year is relatively smaller compared to July and August. There are a lot of things you can do there, go to the beach, explore the island, go whale-watching or you could have a great time during the Honolulu Festival (March 06-08).

April – Visit Peru’s secret valley

If you always have wanted to visit Machu Picchu, one of the most famous ancient cities nowadays, you will have a great opportunity to do so in April when the weather is already warmer. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the rebirth of the lush vegetation.

May – Go on safari

If you are a fan of safaris, or you haven’t yet tried it, the best time to do so is after the rainy season, in May. In this time of the year the soil is not dry and you can see a lot of baby animals since this is also the birthing season. This is a great opportunity to see animals like rhinos, zebras and lions in their natural habitat. One of the places you could go is Naruku National Park in Kenya.

June – Road trip along Coastal Maine

Since Maine is in the north, visiting it in June you could feel like it is still spring. This would be a quick getaway from the hot early summer days in the South. The place is great for a lot of outdoor activities, like jogging and hitch-hiking watching the beautiful nature around you.

July – Visit the heart of Mexico

Instead of spending time on the Caribbeans where at this time of the year it would be absolutely hot and humid, why not visit some interesting places in the heart of Mexico? You can go to the famous city San Miguel and see its magnificent architecture. This place can also offer you some interesting and thematic restaurants and night clubs. Or you could take a bite on food buying something from the open markets on the street.

August – The ultimate dream The Maldives

The magnificent nature of the islands draws hundreds of tourists every year. They are situated south of India. At this time of the year there are hardly any rains so you could enjoy the beautiful weather and catch some tan. You can also go diving and see some sea turtles, and even sharks.

September – Visit the beach on the Emerald Coast

In September most people thing that the summer is coming to an end, at least for the year. However, if you want to enjoy some warm summer time in September, you can do it in Florida. The Emerald Coast can offer you white-sand beaches, various coastal towns with their pastel houses and even hiking in the State Park. Do not worry, at this time of the year the crowds are already gone and you could have some time for relaxation.

October – Visit Toronto

There are a lot of things you can visit in Toronto, Canada and in October the temperatures will be in your favor. You can dedicate your vacation to spending some cultural or artistic time with all the contemporary art festivals and art museums in Toronto. Do some beforehand reading about such places in the city and just enjoy your time there.

November – Savannah’s Southern Charm

At this time of the year the weather will be in your favor when you go walking along the streets with classic Savannah’s houses. As you know, Savannah is famous for its classical architecture and oak-lined streets. Except from the fabulous mansions there you can also see the city’s culinary scene with its wide range of classics to some newer additions.

December – Spend the holidays in Madrid

You can do something different during the Christmas holidays this year. How about paying a visit to the capital city of Spain, Madrid? Each year there is a lot of light, from festive window shops, decorated Christmas trees on the streets, and even the city’s churches. Do some Christmas shopping from Serrano, a top shopping street or get in the holiday spirit with all the choral or organ performances in the city.