Alternative Ways To Create Curls


Women will always want the one thing they don’t have. It is in our nature. I’m sure that the men often think the same way, especially when we are talking about women that are not theirs. These days people cheat too much than they did before.

But today we are not here to discuss the women-men relationships. We will talk about women, what they want and how to achieve the one thing that they want. We, women, want different and many things, which means that we can’t get through every category, that’s why we will cut the list down to one thing – hairstyle. And not just any types of hairstyle, we will talk about curls.

I started the article with that sentence on purpose. So, if you want to have straight and flat hair, you most probably have curly and huge hair, but you actually have the curly locks, you want the flat strands.

Down below you will find several alternative ways of creating wavy and curly texture of the hair, they are alternative, because we won’t use a curling iron. Take a look:

  • Braids. You can braid your hair in several braids and let them curl the hair over the night while you sleep, but you can also apply stylizing mousse for long lasting texture.

  • Twisted buns. They will make beach waves, but you should apply stylizing mousse.

  • A flat iron. This tool won’t make the curls tight as the curling one, but it will create a wavy texture of the hair. Also, you won’t need to wait the whole night to get the curls. But remember to apply a thermal protector before you treat the hair with the heat. It is important to take good care of your hair health. Take a look at the pictorial down below and make the flat-iron-curls all by yourself:

 flat iron curls