Amazing Eyeliner Tricks

eyeliner tricks

There are a few things in our makeup bag that we never miss on having: mascara, a product to bring some color to our cheeks and, of course, eyeliner.

There is a plethora of variations on the market, whether you prefer a pencil version, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, etc. or a different color than the classic black.

Brown can bring more light to your eyes, while white ones, for instance, can make your eyes appear bigger.

Overall, eyeliner is a great multipurpose product that enhances your look and could do you lots of favors. Take a look at a few tricks you can start incorporating in your beauty routine:

We already mentioned white eyeliner, but we will attempt to convince you with one more use of it: you can apply it to your brows as a highlighter and it will give you an instant eye lift. Apply a thick white line just below and above the brow and then blend it with a brush. It will attract light and make your gaze irresistible.

If using liquid eyeliner seems like a big and dangerous process for you, you can master lining your eyes with a pencil first. Your hand does not need to be that steady. Simply go over the lines with the liquid eyeliner after you have used the pencil and you will get the same great effect with one extra step.

Another option for the ones among you who are having a hard time drawing a good line on their upper lid is to draw a few dots at first and then connect them. Make sure they are not too big, of course: just dab the lid slightly with the eyeliner.

If your eyeliner is crumbly, simply put it in the fridge for ten minutes, before you use it. The cold will help it regain its shape.

You can use a spoon or the edge of a business card to achieve the perfect winged eye makeup. Just put them over the lid and use them as guidance.

If you do not want to invest in lots of different colors, there is away to avoid money spending and still have the perfect “eyeliner effect”” makeup in any shade: burgundy, gold, silver, blue, etc. Simply take a very thin, pointy brush and dab it in an eye shadow of your choice. Line the lid as you would with a normal liner.

White eyeliner has yet another use: when you apply it to your eyelid as a base, it will make less pigmented eye shadows more vibrant. It will even out the color of your lids and set a good basis, as a blank canvas, for your eye makeup.

Getting a skin-colored eyeliner can also be very useful: it will help hide any smudges of your black eyeliner! Simply apply it over the problem area, instead of wiping it off.