An Elegant Chignon Bun


A chignon bun can work for your for many events. Since the wedding season is almost here it is a good idea for a hairstyle to pick for the next wedding that you are attending.

This hairstyle is very suitable for mid long hair. It also works for long hair cuts, but you will need a little bit more support.

For this hairstyle what you need the most are bobby pins. And make sure you have loads of them. Also grab a hair spray, so that you can later secure your hair.

  • Start by combing your hair very carefully. There shouldn’t be any bumps or tangles or it might all look awful.
  • After you have untangled your hair, comb it all the way to the left side of your head. Hold it with your hand, so that no locks can weasel out.
  • It is time to use your bobby pins. To secure your hair to one side you should put on many of them as needed vertically. Put some from the top of the head to the bottom and some the other way around. This way it will all be very secure.
  • Now it is time to roll. Grab all of your hair that is on the left side and roll it towards the center of the head (right where you just put the bobby pins). Roll once your twice (or as much time as needed depending on how long your hair is).
  • After you are done with rolling go again for the bobby pins. This time you should secure the rolled part. The them pins in a way such that they could not be seen (as shown on pictures five and six). Secure all the way of the bun from top to bottom.
  • Finish off the hair style with some hair spray. It is better to use one with a stronger hold just to be sure.
  • And done! You are ready in less than 5 minutes and you look glamorous.