Bandana Hairstyle 

waffle texture ponytail

You have to know how to prepare your look in order to do your daily tasks in the most comfortable way for you, while you look great at the same time.

I’m not saying that you are busy only during the weekdays. I know that you have a lot to do at the weekends, especially now, when the weather is getting warmer and you want to renovate your flat. But before you get to the actual work, you have to consider some things, which will pop out at the time you grab the paint brush.

  • First of all, analyze your budget and the rooms you want to renovate.

  • Think about the type of renovation – changing the colors, the furniture, the floor, the carpet, re-organize the furniture, redesign, etc.

  • After the decision of the renovating type, you have to do some shopping – materials and tools.

  • And at last, you have to take care of your look. It doesn’t matter that you are going to stay at home and fight with the paint, you have to put on old clothes in order to save the pretty ones in good condition. Also, don’t put makeup of your face, or maybe just a lip balm and mascara, but skip the foundation and the powder. Wear gloves in order to prevent any damage to the nails and the skin. There are rubber gloves, which will fit your hands perfectly and allow you to work easily.

  • And the last step of the preparation for the renovating is to put your hair away from your face. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t a little bit more attention than just tying the hair into a messy bun. Give your hair some volume by teasing it and then tie it into a high ponytail. Hide the  hair band with a bandana.

Done! Your working-girl look is ready!