Beautiful Ring Finger Nail Decoration


You know that too much decorations in one place is not a classy way to choose the style of your look. Today I will show you a gorgeous decoration for your nail art, but my advice to you is to make this decoration only on one finger of a hand. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like it, follow the steps one by one, I’m sure you can do it all by yourself. Let’s get started:

Your first job is to make the nail bed flawless, which means that you should make a preparation treatment. This procedure includes several steps, we will go through every one of them and this will make the nail art look professional and your hands will thank you later. Take a look at the steps:

  • Your first job is to prepare the skin of the hands and the nails for the application of the nail polishes. You have to clean the nails and remove the flaws. So, soften the cuticles of the nails with a cuticle oil and push them back with a wooden stick. It is not recommended to cut them off, because  the area remains open and any bacteria can get in there.

  • After the cuticles are taken care of, you have to exfoliate the hands in order to remove any dry cells and dirt.

  • Clean the nails from any old nail polish with nail polish remover and then wipe them with white apple vinegar to remove the leftovers of the hand cosmetic products that you used earlier.

  • Then file the nails. This is an essential step for a good looking manicure. Choose a shape that will match the length of the nails. My favorite shape of the nails is the square one.

  • Then start with the painting. This decoration is a bare shape of heart right in the middle of the nail bed. You can make it in two ways: draw the heart with a drawing brush and fill in the corners of the nail bed, or cut a shape of a heart into a  tape piece and paint on top of the tape heart shape.

  • At the end, decorate the edge of the heart shape with glitter.

  • Lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.

  • Done!