Best Winter Vacation Spots


Christmas is almost here and we have to start thinking of places where to spend it! I think that you would agree with me when I say that the best place to spend your winter vacation is somewhere sunny and hot! That‘s why I am going to share with you some of the best winter vacation spots that will make you friends jealous and will give the best winter tan you will ever have!

The first place where you could spend your winter vacation is in Miami! South Beach is the perfect place for you if you want to get a tan, party and see some of your favorite celebrities! Of course, Miami is not the most appropriate place if you want to spend your vacation with your kids, but definitely one of the perfect spots if you are looking forward to a vacation with your friends!

A more appropriate place for a family vacation is Hawaii! You have it all – the weather, the locals, the nature and all the activities one can ask for on an island. You will definitely have a blast if you want to spend more time with your family because of all the family activities there are in Hawaii and after bedtime, you can go on a romantic walk on the beach with your partner and have the quality time that you deserve.

Europe also offers some amazing vacation spots, one of which is Greece. If you want to dive into the culture, choose a city like Athens, the capital, or Thessaloniki, but if you want to spend our time relaxing on the beach with a cocktail and a good book, go to one of the Greek isles! The best thing about Greece is probably the attitude of the local people. They are very kind and open and you will easily find someone to show you around and to tell you where the best restaurants and bars are. Also, the weather is the other thing that makes Greece so popular in winter – it‘s hot all year round and rarely there is a cloud in the sky – what more can you ask for while your friends at home are freezing?

A place where I will be more than glad to spend my winter vacation is Rio de Janeiro! Rio will offer you everything that you can ask for on your winter vacation – amazing weather, interesting local history, place to go sight-seeing, proper celebrations and more. Rio is a place that you should visit no matter if it‘s to spend your winter vacation or just to relax and travel. Is you want to spend a luxurious and unique winter vacation, start packing your bags and go to Rio!