Blurred Lines For Your Eyes


There are moments when the things are just not going quite as you wish they will. You lost your wallet, your car is broken, your cat is gone, the exam you have to take is way too difficult for your lack of studying enthusiasm and on top of that you can’t apply a simple eyeliner without ruining the makeup area. Life is cruel and you are just a small puppy who gets lost, sad, miserable and lonely. But my advice is to find alternative ways to be fully satisfied with your life and with yourself. And another advice is to start with the little things so when you do it right, you will feel motivated and confident for your next goal and achievement.
If you are not handling quite alright with the makeup, find another design, or adjust the current one to the situation.

  • Let’s start with the eyeliner.
  • You keep smudging and messing the eyeliner and your hand is  just not listening to you. You are tired of the removing makeups step all over again and your eye hurts from all the rubbing. Let me show a little trick for smudgy liner.

Take a look:

  • Start the routine as usual. Highlight the brow bone and shape the brows.
  • Then apply brow pencil as you usually do – at the top lash line by extending the line with a cat-eye like flick.
  • Then take a small blending brush and smudge the line of the pencil up and out until you reach the flick. If you are not satisfied  with the thickness and the boldness of the line, reapply the pencil and repeat the whole smudging routine.
  • Pay attention to the bottom lash line too  to make a fully finished look.
  • The last step requires a lot of mascara. You can also stick faux lashes if the occasion allows a heavy makeup design.

fem eyeliner