Boho Beach Life


The fashion trend of 2015 year is the bohemian style. I think that Coachella has a huge impact for this. No matter who is responsible for this trend, but I love it, mostly because my hair has a bohemian texture – she doesn’t listen when I tell her to stay straight or to be neatly tied into a bun – her do whatever she likes.

But some girls have to work hard in order to create a messy texture of their hairs.

For instance, my sister has a flat straight hair and one time I saw her with a messy bun (like one of my messy buns) and I was surprised how she managed to do it and then she told me that she had spent 30 minutes to make that bun look so messy, while it takes me 2 minutes to do it.

So, let me show you how to create a long lasting boho look for straight hairs. Take a look:

  • At the beginning dampen the hair with a light-formula stylizing mousse and then blow it with the dryer a few times. This little trick will bring up the natural texture of your hair, which means that the girls with wavy texture of hair will find it easier to create the boho look.
  • Then part the hair, but don’t place the part right at the center of the head, make it a little bit off the center. As long as we are going for a boho look, we have to stay away from neat and organized designs. The boho look is freedom!
  • Clip away the top half of the hair while you work with the bottom layers.
  • Then curl the bottom layer with large barrel curling iron. Choose different sizes of strands.
  • Then curl the same way the top section too.
  • Finish it with hair spray.


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