Bronze Smokey Eye And Big Messy Lashes

Bold smoky eye makeup

The strong summer rays of the sun are already here and people have started thinking about their summer vacations, or some of them are already on the beach working for that gorgeous bronze tan we all want to have. Given the warm welcome our rose gold smokey eyes tutorial got, today we have prepared for you bronze smokey eye makeup tutorial to match your summer tan.

It is very quick but the result will be amazing. Here is what you have to do:

Start with prepping your face. As you know, before putting makeup on your face, you need to clean it first. Wash it with water or use some face tonic. Now let’s move to the fun part.

Step 1

Get your liquid foundation and apply some of it on the center of your upper eyelids. This will be your base. You can also experiment and use instead of foundation, concealer. Smear it a little, but do not apply it on the whole of your lid.

Step 2

Now get black eyeshadow. This time you do not need to apply it only in the center of your lids, but all over them. You will now see the difference between the part of the lid that has foundation and the other that does not.

Step 3

Now get some bronze eyeshadow and apply it only in the center of the lid, where you have applied the foundation. It will make the color pop and last longer.

Step 4

Highlight your brow bone with some lighter shade. You can also some gel for your brows to make them smoother and make your makeup pop even more.

Step 5

You are almost done. The finishing touch is to put a lot of mascara on both your upper and lower lashes. And to make them messy you do not need to divide them, on the contrary, you should even try to stick them together a little bit.

And you are ready!