Burgundy Look


A fancy lady like you, needs to know beautiful makeup designs for fancy look, because your calendar is full of appointments for business meetings, formal dinners, cocktail parties, etc., which requires proper look and attitude.

I can’t teach you how to behave, but I can show you how to look amazing. You will need only a little makeup brushes, lipstick, several preparing tools and products and you will be ready for less than 30 minutes. Take a look at the whole facial makeup tutorial:

  • We will start at the beginning of course – the foundation. If the appointment is at nighttime, you can easily apply the contouring and highlighting makeup technique. But, if your skin is soft, smooth and pimple-free, you can apply only a BB cream, which will even out the skin complexion, nothing more. Don’t forget the blush at the cheekbones and the highlighter under the eyes.
  • Continue the makeup adventure with the eyebrows. They must be shaped with pencil and colored with a flat angled brush. You can lock the color with brow gel. Remember to highlight the area around the brow. This little trick will make it look better and bolder.
  • Then move to the eyes. Apply primer to the lids, it will hold the makeup right where you’ve put it. Then put a base – nude eyeshadow, a shimmery one.
  • Enhance the outer corner of the lid with soft brown color. Blend in nicely, makes it almost transparent.
  • Then put a dark burgundy color on the outer half of the lash line. Smudge into a V shape at the outer corner of the lid.
  • Then cover the inner corner of the eye as well and blend in. Apply silver shimmer in the middle of the lid and highlight the inner corner of the eye with pearl beige color. Merge the colors together a little bit with a big brush. Enhance the bottom lid with the burgundy color too. Finish the eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara coat.
  • Finish the makeup with burgundy lipstick.


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