Cleopatra Eyes 


Have you ever tried the double-colored liner? It makes the look more interesting and you can use it as a focus point of your makeup. As I mentioned a ‘focus point’ of your makeup, an idea came up in my mind. How about we put together a whole look only by giving suggestions and ideas. Then you will be able to choose your favorite designs and use them as an inspiration about your own appearance for the special night you are expecting to come. Let’s start with the skin:

  • If you are locating yourself in warm place you should do this: the night before the special night, you should rub all your body with coconut butter. It will make the skin soft and flawless. Also, exfoliate the skin of the face and moisturize it again with coconut butter or your favorite moisturizer.

  • Then, when the time for the preparation comes, you have to choose the focus point of your makeup, which we have already decided that your eyes will play that role.

  • In the case when the eye makeup will be one that will draw attention, you have to keep the lips nude and natural looking.

Here is how the double liner look:

  1. The first step has nothing to do with the lids and the lash lines, we are talking here about the brows and the importance of filling them with color. I’m sure that  you have applied some kind of covering product on your face, which automatically  leads to faded brows and you have to shape them and fill them in with the perfect color. Use a flat brush and old mascara wand to comb them and to remove the excess color afterwards. Highlight the brow bone and the area above the brow.
  2. Then trace the top lash line with a black gel liner and make a flick at the outer corner of the eye. Make the line thick and bold.
  3. Then trace the bottom lash line with purple color – the same thickness of the line as the  top one.
  4. Cover the bottom waterline with a black pencil if the size of your eye allows it.

Finish the look with a coat of mascara. Enjoy!