Control The Way You Look


Any self respecting girl should know how to achieve different looks according to the situation, the occasion or just the mood. Without that knowledge you will have to be a slave of the nature and just get used to it. But if you know how to enhance your best facial features you will be able to do anything else.
First of all, you have to learn some beauty tricks and hacks, which will help you through the process of achieving the perfect look.  These tricks will also help you handle with the time and they will teach you how to reduce any kind of makeup application to the shortest possible required time.

Today I’ll show you three different effects for your lips that could be achieved only with a few makeup products. The main ingredient is a hot pink gloss. So, let’s get started:

Small lips effect. Rarely, women want to have smaller lips, but sometimes the occasion requires it so you have to learn how to achieve this effect. Cover your lips with a concealer or foundation. That coverage must be light an pale, one or two tones lighter than the natural color of your lips. Then apply the hot pink lip balm only at the center of the lips. Blend in a little bit with a finger by pulling the color to the perimeter of the lips. That’ it, let’s see the next one.

Plump and fluffy lips. This effect is the most preferred one. The lips will appear bigger and plumper. Use again the concealer or the foundation. Outline the lips by using a small lipstick brush. Create the shape that you want. Then cover it with the tinted lip balm. Enjoy the result!

The last effect is a happy one – the smiling lips. See the exact map for the lip balm application in the picture and try it yourself. This effect makes your lips look constantly smiling.
These designs are different and suitable for different situations and styles, choose them wisely. Have fun!