Creating a Beautiful Eyeliner with Sticky Tape


Creating a beautiful eyeliner is not an easy task especially for beginners. However, there is a little trick you can try to achieve a gorgeous eye look in no time and especially without making a mess on your eyelid.

Here is a makeup for creating a winged eyeliner. The only thing you will need , except a liner, is a sticky tape. If you want you can use a gel liner, or an eye pencil. And as for the sticky tape, you may substitute it with a paper tape strip or a wound patch.

Step 1
Take a piece of the sticky tape and paste it the way you want your eyeliner to be – it should be square to your upper lash line. You can take a bigger piece and when it reaches the arch of your lid, just place it downwards, following the natural shape of your lash line. This way you will create a slight angular form.

Step 2
Place another piece of the sticky tape this time under the second half of your lower lash line. It should be placed a little bit over the first tape, creating an angle. Of course you should also have in mind how you want your liner to be and then place the sticky tape.

Step 3
Once you are ready with the placement of the tape it comes the essential part – putting the eyeliner on. Begin as usual, from the inner corner of your eye following your lash line. If you have place some of the sticky paper on this side as well it will be even easier for you to draw the line.

Step 4
When you reach the arch of your lid, make the line thicker and create a slight angle. And then continue with filling in the gap (between the sticky tape and your eye) with the eyeliner. You can draw over the tape and the good news is that it won’t show after you remove the tape.This is how easy you can create a perfect liner.

Step 5
Wait for the eyeliner to get dry before you remove the tape. If you do it right after you have finished with applying the liner, it could get messy and the whole gorgeous look could be ruined, so have a little patience.

Now you are done. Enjoy your wings, girls!