Curly To Straight   


It is sad that we often talk about many ways of creating curls, while we skip to talk about ways of getting straight hair. Many girls with curly hairs wish for sleek hair texture to look a little bit different and to enjoy the look they desire. Today I will try to fix this mistake, I will show you a tutorial which will teach you how to make your hair flat straight. Take a look and follow the steps one by one:

  1. First of all, you have to apply a conditioner to make your hair easy-to-be-combed, because the hair will be combed a lot while you straighten it.
  2. Then apply a thermal protector and after it, apply a stylizing mousse, which will hold the texture last longer. But keep in mind that the humidity won’t save the straight lock, you will have to choose sunny and dry weather, because it will react friendly to your hairstyle.
  3. Then part  your hair into layers – bottom, middle, top. Or many layers, if your hair is too thick.
  4. Then work on the layers strand by strand. Remember, you shouldn’t treat the same strand with the heat more than once, so make sure you are doing it right from the first time.
  5. So, how to make it right?
  6. Pull the strand, clip the roots and take a comb. Place it in front of the flat iron and as you run through the strand, use the comb to untangle the knots before the flat iron reaches them. Do it slowly and press the flat iron tightly.
  7. When you finish the whole layer you should spritz it with light formula hair spray from large distance when the hair is cold.
  8. Then you can move on to the next layer of hair. Work with it the same way as you did with the bottom one – strand by strand, comb in front of the flat iron, hair spray at the end.


 curly to straight