Cut Your Blow Drying Time


If you are like me – with hair which is mid-length, but very thick and full of like you probably hate your blow drying time too. If you are enjoying an evening at home after a tough work day  and have to wash your hair, probably are scared by the thought that you then will have to blow-dry that hair of yours. And I think it is very common to hate that process. It is a time of over-heating and it is kind of a never- ending process.
So there are ways to cut the process almost in half, depending on your hair. It is all about how, what with and what products you use, when we are talking about blow drying.

Professional Hair Dryer
As though you might be thinking that your blow-dryer is a powerful one, you probably are in the wrongs. The tools that are made for specialist to work with make all the difference. They are more powerful, easier to be held and so it is easier to direct the air in the right way.
The perfect pro hair dryer would be one with which is ionic, which reduces the frizz look. Also it should be one that has ceramic technology.

Quick Dry Products
Do you put any products on your hair right before blow drying it? If not you are making a mistake. Most people just put in a product that protects the hair from the heat. But there is a better thing you could do – get a product that is opt for quick drying. It will still protect you dorm the heat, but will also help your hair look more shinier and voluminous .
Didn’t know that such a thing existed? Most women don’t. So it is time to go to the store and find yours. You will be surprised how much of the after bath process will be cut.

Direct The Heat
You shouldn’t be moving the blow dryer all over the place. This only lengthens the process.of your hair getting dry. The key to success in this occasion is to apply directly the air towards the hair.  This will also remove the chance of getting messy blow dry.
Angle the nozzle down. That’s the trick!

80/20 rule

So it turns out that this is the easiest way to save time. Firstly blow your hair with your head down by directing the heat. Do that until your hair is around 80 percent dry.
Now is the time to start styling your hair with a round brush (or whatever way you want). That way you won’t lose too much time on styling without getting any result.

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