Doll-Like Makeup

Doll like makeup

There are different makeup designs – some will make you look older than you are, but some others will make you look younger. I think that I prefer the second version of these options. Let me show you how to fake a younger look, not that you need it now, but you should know the design only in case, when you start to feel too old and this makeup design will boost up your mood. So, there is no reason for waiting, let’s do it!

The makeup seems all natural and it will trick you that there is no need for many tools and makeup products, but if you look closely to the tutorial, you will see that the eyes are enhanced with gentle colors and the skin is prepared with foundation base. Let me describe to you every single step:

Step 1

You have to take care of the base – apply BB cream or foundation, according to the condition of your skin. If you want to hide more visible flaws, apply concealer first and then top it with the foundation. You can lock the covering products with a setting powder.

Step 2

Pay attention to the brows. Enhance them with color if they seem too pale and thin to you.

Step 3

Doll makeup advice how toApply primer to the lids. It will hold the small amount of makeup from smudging and fading away.

Step 4

Enhance the lids with translucent layer of brown shadow. Blend in a lot, make it almost disappear.

Step 5

Apply black liner at the top lash line, but don’t thicken it. In fact, try to apply the color at the very base of the lashes and extend it only a little bit. Apply some of the black color at the bottom lash line too, but smudge it. Apply mascara.

Step 6

Apply cherry color to the lips, only at the center and spread the color outwards. This will create natural looking lips, which are soft and fluffy.

Enjoy and stay young forever!