Dream Night Sky


Hey, ladies with big gorgeous eyes, I want to show you this stunning makeup design. No, it’s not a design, it is a masterpiece of art. The colors are absolute trends, the style is smoky and it is bold and saturated. I will explain you what to do step by step in order to make it right. But first, analyze the shape and the size of your eye.
If your eyes are small or with hooded lids, you must forget about this makeup. I know that it’s hard, but I am one of you. My eyes look small even when I’m not wearing any kind of makeup, and if I put something darker than beige and pale brown, I will look like a tired demon. We should keep searching for an idea, while the lucky girls with big eyes apply this makeup on.

  • Start with a primer on the lids. Because of the big amount of makeup product needed for this makeup design, applied on your lids, you will need something to hold it up right where you’ve put it and last longer. That’s the job of the lid primer.
  • Then you can continue with the base. Apply a black cream shadow or liner over the lid and then, use a brush to smoke out the edges along the crease line and also at the bottom lash line. Cover also the waterlines with the black color.
  • Them pat on a blue-violet color onto the inner 1/3 part of the lid. Right over the black, smudged base.
  • Then apply metallic red shadow onto the outer 1/3 area of the lid. Make sure that the shades are matching.
  • You can create a glowing effect of the makeup by applying bright purple at the center of the top and bottom lash lines, also at the inner corner of the eye – the tear duct area.
  • Then use black matte shadow and contour the borders of the colors to lock the entire look. That should happen along the crease line.
  • Finish the look with a thin eyeliner and black mascara.
    Done! Enjoy the look and be thankful for your big eyes!


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