Exotic Details For Your Nails


Sometimes you wonder how to decorate your nails. You are a nail art lover, which means that most probably you already had tried almost every nail design for your nails. But don’t be desperate and miserable, if you search more deeply, you will find something to inspire you. The easiest way to find an inspiration is to look around you. If you are in your room you can use the color of your curtains, the pattern of your sheets, even the stripes of your notebooks can work as an inspiration for your next nail decoration.

Here you can find a nail decoration that is inspired by a girl’s room – she uses her nightmare catcher and draws it to her nails. Take a look at the tutorial and try to make it all by yourself, you will need several colors and tools, and they are:

  • Base coat and top coat for the preparation and for the locking of the nail art.

  • Silver or golden glitter according to your preferences.

  • Black nail polish.

  • Several colored nail polishes, they have to match perfectly to each other.

  • A drawing brush.

  • A dotting tool.

  1. First of all, file your nails into a square shape and make the length equal.
  2. Then apply the base coat, which should be a little bit matte and covering. After it dries out  you can apply the glitter nail polish. Only one layer is enough.
  3. Now comes the hard work – the drawing the net. Take a drawing brush and try to be really precise. The brush should be thin and hard.
  4. First, make the frame of the net and start willing it with lines, which create triangle shapes.
  5. Then draw some hanging threads.
  6. On these threads, dot on the colored beads.

Lock the nail art with a thick layer of top coat, but after the decorations are all completely dry.