Fancy Hairstyle With a Fancy Accessory


 As a writer in a woman’s online magazine I will give you one advice about a gorgeous look and I hope you will trust me, because I’ve seen a lot, I’ve written a lot and I know a lot – pay attention to the details.

Don’t delude yourself that no one will notice that your socks are different under the long pants, or  your nails are chopped and needs refreshment. These things will be noticed even by people who don’t have an interest about your look. You won’t achieve the  flawless look if the details are not prepared. So, here are some tips for the details:

  • Let’s start with the nails. Don’t allow yourself to go out with ugly and ruined nail polish. It’s unacceptable. If you know that you will be busy the next two weeks, take care of the nails before the busy time. File them, remove the cuticles and paint them with neutral color or only nail strengthener. It will be enough until you you can spend more time to make something fancy with your nails. And even if the nail outgrow, it won’t be noticeable, because of the neutral color of the nail polish.

  • The eyebrows. Even if you don’t need to color the eyebrows, you must pluck them. Bushy brows and unmaintained brows are two different conditions – one is good, the other is bad.

There is no such thing as natural beauty. Maybe you are looking flawless, but that’s only because you are 20  years old, but you should take care of that beauty and maintain it, because the time won’t be nice to your skin and all.

If you adore the classy look and style, you should rely on the details again. Yes, the expensive clothes will bring the classy look, but the details will  show the world that you are a stylish woman. Here is one idea for your hairstyle. It is a classic hairstyle, but the detail makes it really fancy.

Tie the hair into a sleek and tight ponytail. Then twist the tail and roll it into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Clip to the bun a golden chain jewelry as an accessory. Let it hang.

Done! You can see how this little detail changes the whole look of the hairstyle.

hair accessory bun