Fancy Look With a Fancy Makeup


When you need to have a successful meeting, you have to take care of you look. I know it sound superstitious, but it is true – people care a lot about one’s appearance, especially when you are applying for a job. It is not right, of course, because the appearance is just a package, the important thing is under that package. But the eyes lie and trick the mind to create an opinion according to what they see.

If you need to impress somebody, you have to apply a little bit of makeup, because I doubt it that you look absolutely stunning in the morning. So, here is my idea for a proper makeup for your job interview:

The whole trick about good makeup is to make it look as natural as it is possible, but of course, you are allowed to enhance a little bit more than the nature gave you. The point is to enhance the best features of your face and to hide the worst.

  1. First of all, analyze your skin, if you don’t have any major problems like acne or other skin issue, you can apply only a blending BB cream and a concealer where it is needed (for instance to hide a stubborn pimple scar).
  2. Then cover the face with a thin layer of mineral, translucent powder – it absorbs the skin and foundation oils and you won’t shine like a Christmas tree under the lights in the office.
  3. After the foundation and the powder, your brows might seem a little bit faded, so you have to color them in order to bring them back to life. Make the brows pop out nicely with a highlighter around them.
  4. Then start with the eye makeup. If you choose to put the focus on that part of your face, you can check out this idea for make design and match it with nude lips, take a look:
  5. Prime the lids.
  6. Apply purple (or any other dark color to the lids, but skip the black one), pencil above the crease. Smudge it.
  7. Then apply the same color eyeshadow and let the middle of the lid lighter than the corners.
  8. Finish the look with eyeliner and mascara.

Enjoy! And good luck!