Fancy Makeup With Simple Tool


Sometimes we forget stuff. The most common thing that we forget is the keys. And when we have to pack for a short vacation, we always forget at least one important thing. And if that thing is something important, for instance, the phone charger. Now is the moment to check the life of your battery.

Well, if you forget to pack the charger, don’t panic, at least one of your friends will lend you his charger.

But imagine this, a little bit different scenario. You are on a vacation only with the boys and the girls are still not coming to the town. Which means that if you forgot an item from your makeup kit no one will be able to help you with your problem. Then you’ll have to think of an alternative way to achieve the look you want.

How about this trick:

  1. You forgot the eye shadow palette. Which means that you are in that party town with a few brushes and a kohl eye pencil. Believe me, these tools are more than enough for a party look.
  2. When the foundation base is set and the brows are shaped (I hope you didn’t forget about these tools), take
  3. your kohl black eye pencil and contour the lash lines. Draw a thick flick at the outer corner of the eye.
    Then smudge the colors a little bit and while you are smudging, create the desirable shape. Then take a bigger blending brush and smudge until you make the shape perfect.
  4. If you want darker lids and more intense color, re-apply the pencil at the lash lines and repeat the same smudging and blending steps.
  5. The lips have to be pale and nude colored. But if you want red lips (or some other dark color), keep the eyes simple, only covered with a thin liner and mascara.
  6. Your tool-less makeup is ready and perfect. Enjoy it!