Feminine Colors For Your Blue Eyes


You know that every type of eyes can be matched with different colors and makeup designs. But there are colors and designs, which are forbidden for certain types of eyes. Well, forbidden is a strong word, but think of it as a strong recommendation for  your best look – don’t do certain things in order to look great, it is so simple. But let me show you a design, full of colors which are perfect for blue and gray eyes. Take a look:

It’s all about the pink! You know you the pink colors, when applied on the lids, look bad, like you are tired from the constant consumption of certain illegal substances. But if you choose the right shades, the right technique and if the color of your eyes is the right one, you will look just amazing – just check out the following tutorial:

  • Just like any other eye makeup application, your first two steps have nothing to do with the colors – the primer and the brows.
  • It is an essential step to prime your lids, otherwise the shadows will smudge and gather at the crease, we don’t want that to happen, right?
  • The brows are also important, because they are framing the whole face, not only the eyes. So, consider the
  • colors for your brows according to the color of your hair and the natural color of the eyebrows.
    Then you can start with the actual application of the colors for this makeup design. Start with white basic color – apply it mostly at the inner corner of the eye and blend in nicely. When you have a white base under the bright shadows, the colors pop out more.
  • Then cover the inner half the lid with hot pink shadow.
  • Fill in the rest of the lid with soft purple color, matching the pink one.
  • Merge the colors together with a blending brush.
  • Enhance the bottom lash line with the same colors, but switch their places.
  • Apply white or nude eye pencil to the bottom waterline of the eye.
  • Finish the look with a thin black eyeliner and a coat of mascara.
  • All done! Enjoy the look!