Feminine Nail Art


The condition of your nails is highly important for a good impression to other people and for high self-esteem. If your nail polish is cracked, chipped and ugly, then you will feel uncomfortable when you hand shake someone; or you will hold your hands into fists in order to hide the nails while you talk with other people; you won’t use your phone in public places because it will be noticeable that your nails are unmaintained; and many other situations where you will feel ashamed by your ugly nails.

Don’t let this happen to you. I know that sometimes you are too busy to think about your nails, but you can at least remove the old nail polish for less than 5 minutes. Here is a trick for removing old nail polish, this trick is helpful, especially for glitter nail polishes, dark colored nail polishes and several layers of nail polishes, take a look:

Dampen small pieces of cotton with nail polish remover and stick to the nails. The cotton pieces have to be well soaked and wet. Wait a few seconds and then just wipe out the nail polish – no mess, no trouble.

Once the nails are clean, if you have 20 more minutes, you can make this nail art, because it is easy and looks amazing – classy, elegant and feminine, perfect for the warm days of the ending Spring. Take a look at the tutorial:

  • Paint the nails with a pink nail polish. Let it dry and then stick two thin strips in order to cross them.
  • Paint the nails with white nail polish, an opaque one. If it is not opaque, apply two layers of the white nail polish. The point is to hide the pink color.
  • Wait a few seconds before the removing of the strips.
  • Lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.