Five Must-Have Fashion Pieces for Spring


Even though Valentine’s Day has just passed, we are already leaving behind the classy, elegant and romantic outfits we had been preparing and we are looking forward to the new fashion season. The excitement that has started to overtake us can be overcome in a few steps. First of all, take a look at current trends: they are spectacular this year! There is definitely something for everyone, whether you are more elegant, edgy or girly. Next, create your own wish list and browse all stores. Find the best bargain: you do not want to pay an enormous sum of money for something you might end up wearing only this year! Think of each piece as an investment and do not “binge-buy”: carefully evaluate each purchase and if it will be versatile enough for you to wear with lots of different outfits.

Here, we have set up an example of a must-have list for this spring. Check out our ideas and you can add some of your own afterwards, of course!

  • White Blouse: Whether it has lace inserts on it or not, if it is off-the-shoulder, has cut outs, is asymmetric or is oversized, the white blouse is definitely a great piece to have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with a faux fur vest, leather jacket, trench coat or a cape. For your bottoms you can choose everything from slim-fit jeans, skater skirt, leather leggings and shorts. It can be dressed up and down and works for every style!
  • Suede Skirt: One of the greatest trends this year is the 70s trend. Maybe the most characteristic material from that period is suede. Its luxury feel can again be both classy and casual, so definitely go for a suede miniskirt this year. There are many options on the market in terms of color, and the best thing is you can wear it with any type of shoe and it will still be awesome!
  • Bucket/Duffel Bag: This style of bag first appeared a while ago, but has shown that is here to stay. Its size makes it perfect for both going to work and a night out, since it is neither too big or too small. It is structured and available in all kinds of materials and colors, which make it perfect for any girl’s collection!
  • Trouser Jeans: Even though the slim-fit style is still very strong in its influence, the straight-legged, sleek jeans have also proven to be remarkably cool. Also in the 70s style, they can slim down and elongate your figure quite easily. Add a floppy hat and a leather jacket and you will be the star of the show!
  • Boy Blazer: Definitely our favorite one on the list. This bad boy can make you look so stylish or edgy, whether you pair it with a shirt and a pencil skirt or a band T-shirt and leather pants. Do not miss adding this one to your collection!