Flawless Waves 


The messy waves are the easy way to make your hair look curly and sassy, but the perfect, smooth waves are the biggest challenge. That’s why I want to show you a step by step tutorial, which will make your hair look stunningly awesome. So, let’s learn together:

  • Your hair has to be freshly washed, because the flawless curls won’t look so flawless when your roots are oily. So, you’d better wash your hair and let it air dry, skip the blow dryer because you will treat the hair with heat afterwards and it will be better if you skip one of the heat treatments. You can wash your hair before you go to bed, apply smoothing mousse and brush it nicely. The hair will dry over the night and  then you will be able to work on those curls without the need of the blow dryer.
  • Then start to work with the curling iron, but first apply a thermal protector in order to prevent any huge damage because of the heat.
  • Separate the hair into layers and start to work on the bottom one. Spritz the hair with a light formula hair spray and take a strand. roll it with the curling iron, by turning the barrel to the inside, that’s how you will create a volume at the roots. After you roll up the strand carefully slide the iron off the created roll and secure it to the head with bobby pins.
  • It is a long and precise procedure, so you’d better ask someone else to do it for you, or at least to help you with the back section.
  • Roll up and clip the whole hair strand by strand.
  • Then wait at least one hour and remove the pins.
  • Brush the hair with a large comb in order to merge together the curls. Spritz with a hair spray from a long distance.

Done! Enjoy the look of your perfectly curled hair!

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