Glamorous Eye Makeup

Eyeliner how to

Always start with the brow when you want to make intense and bold eye makeup design. Outline the desired shape. The easiest way to choose the proper shape of the brow according to your face is to use the brow pencil as a guideline:

Put the pencil alongside the nose vertically and see where the pencil crosses the brow – this is the beginning. Then tilt the pencil through the iris and the area where the pencil crosses the brow, that’s the arch of the brow. Tilt one more time through the outer corner of the eye, that’s the end of the brow.

If the shape of your face is elongated, then you should keep the arch low, or you have to make the shape of the brows absolutely flat. Or, if your face is round and short, make the brows with high arches.

When the brows are colored and prepared, you can move to the next step – application of the eye makeup.

  • First, stick a patch under the bottom lid, so you will prevent any staining and also, the flick at the outer corner of the lid will be precisely drawn. Before sticking the patch, on the facial skin, stick it to the back of your hand in order to reduce the stickiness of the glue, otherwise you will hurt yourself when you remove the sticky patch.
  • Then apply a primer to the lids.
  • Draw a black, thick line at the crease of the lid and finish it with a curved flick at the end. Smudge that line and reapply the color in order to become intense and bold.
  • Highlight the brow bone with bright matte color.
  • Then cover the lid with colorful glitter.
  • Apply black liner to the top and bottom lash lines and finish the look with a coat of mascara.