Gorgeous Look For a Romantic Night


I know that I have to write about the hairstyle, because that was my first intention, but when I say the hair color of this girl I remain breathless. This color is my dream hair color, but unfortunately the reddish tones don’t suit my skin color. In fact, I wanted so much to dye my hair like this, but my hair stylist told me that I will look like a bad looking gypsy woman if I decide to put this color on my head. So, I wasn’t fully convinced and I decided to search for another opinion – mine. I downloaded and app on my phone that changes the color of your hair and it looks all natural. I can’t remember the name, but it was free and you don’t need any special photoshop skills to work with it. You only have to mark the hair on the picture that you’ve chosen and then choose different hair colors to see how you will look. And then I was finally convinced that the red color is not for me at all.

So, I’m not only jealous of her hair color, now I’m jealous for her skin as well, because it is a great match for the red hues.

But enough with the hair color of this model. Let’s discuss the hairstyle a little bit.

This is a classic French twist, but the thing that is different about this hairstyle is that the texture of the hair is wavy. Usually it is recommended to straighten your hair, because the French twist will look more formal and sophisticated. But I think that this textured twist looks romantic and dreamy, which makes the hairstyle perfect for a date, summer night, especially if you pull out some short wavy strand around your face. This gentle ‘frame’ will flatter your soft and delicate facial features.

Enjoy the look!