Hairstyle For a Cute Look


No matter how old you are, sometimes the desire for a childish behavior is so strong that you need to do something about it. How about a ribbon bun? I’m sure that you remember the hairstyle from your childhood, but do you know how to make it in order to look like you have just come out of the beauty salon.

So, let me show you the steps, which will help you to make the hairstyle all by yourself. Here are the steps:

Don’t worry if your roots are greasy, because you will have to tie the hair into a sleek ponytail, which means that the volume is off the picture. You can even apply smoothing mousse in order to make the top of the hair sleek and smooth.

Then tie the hair into an extremely high ponytail, right at the top of head, at the center of the crown area. Use a tight hair band to secure the ponytail. You can even bobby pins at the hair band. This little trick will hold the ponytail tight and strong.

Then brush the tail neatly and apply smoothing mousse one more time, this will help you to shape the tail easier.

Now let me show you the trick: when you tie the hair, leave the tail folded at the last knot. Leave a small tail at the front of the ponytail, on the top of the head.

Then spread the fold and divide it into two equal parts – left and right.

Then create the ribbon of the bow with the excessive tail that you have left at the front of the top. Wrap the middle of the fold and secure it with bobby pins at the back.

Finish the look with a hair spray to prevent any flying hairs.