Cute Universal Hairstyle


It is true that your hairstyle and your haircut can change the look of your face. If you don’t like certain features of your face, go to your hair stylist and ask for an advice. The hair stylists are professionals and they have learned all about types of hair, hairstyles and techniques and also, they have experience. So, trust them about the most flattering hair cut. You should aim for one thing – balance.

For round face – go for long hair.

If your face is square an rough, soften the features with flattering layers.

And the oval face will look amazing no matter what type of haircut you have chosen.

You should also consider your haircut according to your daily schedule. If you need to have your hair tied at the back of your head, maybe the short hairstyle won’t work for you, because you won’t be able to make any interesting tied hairstyle and you will wear it released and it will bother you and you will have strands in front of your face. The best haircut is the long one, because you can make it look short, you can tie it, you can curl it, straighten is and do whatever you want, while the short one will limit your ideas and creativity about hairstyles.

Here is one idea for a low chignon, which is suitable for both casual and formal occasions and I hope  you will be convinced that it is better to grow your hair long. Take a look:

  • Comb your freshly washed hair to the back of the head and tie it into a low ponytail with soft hair band, similar to the color of the hair.
  • Then pull the hair band a little bit down and make a hole between the band and the head. Prong the ponytail through that hole twice.
  • Then tighten the hair band up again.
  • Tease the ponytail. Roll it up and wrap it around the twisted hole.
  • Secure with bobby pins and smooth the flying hairs with a comb.