How to Tease Your Hair


Many unfortunate girls do not have natural hair volume. So, what do we do when we do not have something we want? We just create it ourselves. The easiest way to have some volume in our hairs is to do it by teasing. However, not everyone is a master of “teasing”, sometimes we need some help. Here is how you can tease your hair easily. You will just need a rat tail comb or a teasing comb and some hairspray.

Rat tails combs are very useful because you can use not only their “teeth” but also their handles to separate your hair with it. If your hair is too thin, or if you want to have the maximum result of teasing, you can just use a teasing comb.

  • After your hair is ready to be teased (it is washed, dry and well-combed), begin with sectioning it. First, you need to have a path. Choose where you want it to be – on the left, or on the right side of your head. But not in the middle of your head because you will not only look like a granny, but also you won’t have the maximum effect of this hairdo.
  • Then take a fairly big section of hair that is right behind your crown. Use the handle of the comb to separate it from the rest of the hair. And you can also use it to measure how much of your hair you want to tease. Usually the handles of these combs are from 8 to 10 inches. You can measure the length of the section you want to tease using half of the handle.
  • Now you can start teasing. It is very simple. You just put the teeth of the comb halfway between the roots of the hair and the tips of it. Then you start back combing with fast and firm strokes towards the scalp.
  • When you are ready with teasing this section just grab another one. Just decide where you want to have more volume. You can tease 2 more sections of hair – one on the left side of your head and one more on the right. At one point your hair will look messy, but do not worry. You can just brush it or comb it a little to settle it down.
  • Just remember that you have to spray each section of hair you tease, but just where exactly you have teased so that your hair stays in this position all day long.

And you are ready!