How To Tease Your Hair The Right Way


Teasing has been one of girls‘ favorite things for decades. After they‘re ready with straightening or curling their hair, they take the teasing comb and add some volume to the locks so at the end the hair looks big, voluminous and glamorous without much effort. But we often forget that teasing can damage our hair, make it weak and fair. To avoid these problems, I gathered some essential tips and tricks for you that you can use when teasing your hair next time:

The first thing you have to do is to be sure that your hair is completely dry before you start teasing. Teasing wet hair can be very hard and damaged your hair extremely because your hair is weaker when it‘s wet.

Then, you need to have the right tools. You need a teasing comb, of course, and a rat-tail one so you can divide the hair and tease only places you haven‘t teased without damaging one section twice. Of course, you will need hairspray or dry shampoo to keep the hair in place when you are ready.

As I said, your hair must the dry and it‘s best if you run a brush over it so there aren‘t any chunks of hair that you may encounter while teasing. The best time to tease your hair is after you have just washed it. The reason is that there is already a product build-up in your hair because of the shampoo and conditioner and your roots can easily be teased and put in place. It‘s best if you use volumizing products before you start teasing for maximum effect.

The way to tease your hair is to first divide your hair in sections. They shouldn‘t be too think or else you won‘t be able to tease all of the hair. Then, starting from the roots, tease your hair with short strokes towards the scalp. Don‘t pull your hair too much to keep it from breaking. Spray the area with hairspray and move to the next section and repeat. After your hair is done, just gentry brush it to remove any chunks of hair and smooth it out using the brush and your hands. Add some more hairspray if needed and style the way you want it to look.

Be very gentle with your hair and don‘t tease it constantly to keep it healthy and smooth!