Heat-less Beach Waves

fluffy ponytail

We are enjoying the summer already, but do you remember the beach waves trend from the last summer?

Have you tried the look yet?

If the answer is ‘No’ you have come at the right time in the right place, because I’m just about to show you a tutorial for making beach-wavy texture of hair. Take a look and follow the steps if you can’t remember exactly how to create the look:

The beach waves became extremely popular, because of the natural look they bring and because of the easy technique that helps you to achieve that look. After you make the beach waves, your hair looks like you have just come home from the beach. This hairstyle brings the summer mood and challenges you to have a lot of fun.

The flaw of the beach waves is that you will have to wait the whole night to have them done, but the results worth every minute of sweet sleep.

So, in the evening, right after you took a relaxing shower, grab your stylizing mousse and your brush and you can start preparing the hair.

  • First, brush it neatly, untangle the knots. Let the hair air dry for several minutes and brush again.
  • Apply the stylizing mousse all over (but stay away from the roots) while the hair is still wet.
  • Then take two strands of hair from the ear area. Twist each of the strands and then twist them together. The direction of the twist must be to the inside of the head.
  • Once you have the main twist you can take small strands from behind, twist them and add them to the main twist. Do this routine until you reach the low back of the head.
  • Do the very same routine with the other side of the hair.
  • Then tie both of the sides into a low ponytail and twist the ponytail the same way. Tie the ponytail in several places with hair bands in order to secure the twist.
  • In the morning release the twist and finger brush the hair to spread the waves all over.
  • Apply hair spray for long lasting curls.