Holiday Party Makeup


I bet that this year you have so many invitations for parties that you are surprised by the number of people you know. It’s not only that these people know you, but they care enough to invite you in person for their parties.

The uncomfortable questions are:

How can you make it?

Will you be able to go to all of the parties?

It will be physically impossible, because you have two invitations at one date. After all, you will be forced to refuse to one of the invitations.

These are all complicated and hard questions.

I suggest you to keep your mind busy with something else – your choice of outfit, makeup and hairstyle for the parties.

Let’s start with an idea for your makeup and then you will handle the rest of the preparation.

Take a look:

  • Apply a primer to the lids. The eye shadow primer will keep the makeup products right in place, forbidding it to smudge and to gather at the crease. That’s the reason why it is so essential, especially when you are going out on a party where you will be dancing and the skin will get sweaty and oily. It’s better to use waterproof shadows and mascara for long lasting makeup.
  • Then apply the base. Metallic, silver, pearl shadows only on the lids.
  • The next step requires black eye shadow. Apply it on the outer corner of the lid, by hooding the silver shadow a little bit on the crease.
  • Define the bottom lash line with the black shadow and contour the top lash line too.
  • Highlight the brow bone with nude eye shadow or a concealer.
  • Finish the whole eye makeup design with a nice, thick coat of mascara.


Now look at the mirror.

Ain’t it pretty?

Please share in the comments below how do you prepare for holiday parties!