Home Hair Stylist


If you need to save some money for the so-wanted-summer-vacation you have to cut off some of your expenses. I know that it sounds cruel, but you have to cut off some appointments at the beauty salon. I will show you three basic beauty treatments that could be made at home all by yourself and it will cost you less than the treatments in the beauty salon, where they charge you only because you have put your foot in there. Here are my homemade versions of beauty treatments:

  • Facial mask. The skin is the biggest body organ and you must take care of it. The basic rule is to keep your face clean, because the dirt is that nasty “black magic” that creates pimples, blackheads and blemishes. So, every morning and evening wash the face with gentle face soap or cleanser. Exfoliate the face once a week and make a homemade nourishing facial mask with lemons, honey, eggs, whatever you want as long as it is alright for your type of skin.

  • Another issue that can be done at home instead of the beauty salon is the hair mask. There are a lot of recipes for homemade masks that will nourish and strengthen your hair.

  • And the last advice for a money-saving homemade treatment is the cut of the bangs. If you wear nice, thick bangs,  you can take care of it all by yourself. The hair doesn’t need a trim, but the bangs is too long and gets in your eyes. In the pictorial down below you will see how to  cut your own bangs. Take a look:

Use the pointy handle of the teasing comb to define the thickness of the bangs. Then layer the bangs and pinch the layer with your fingers. Cut the desired length. Then cut vertically in order to make the trim look more natural.

Take another layer and make it a little bit shorter than the bottom one.

Blow dry the bangs and brush it. Fix the mistakes with the scissors.

All done!

cut bangs