How To Beat The Before-Sleep-Concerns


Sometimes you are really tired, but you can’t fall asleep right after you hit the pillow. Why is that? There are two options – you are overloaded or think too much about your problems. When you concern a lot before sleep your sleep will be troubled and you will find it really hard to fall asleep at all. I know that it’s easy to say “I need to empty my head, to shake off the problems, go on, girl!”, but practically this is not easy at all. Once the thought is in your head and if you care a lot about that problem you will find it harder and harder to get rid of it only for one night, to forget and rest until you wake up and face the problem again. Sometimes life is cruel and brings us a lot of obstacles that we have to overcome and enjoy the happy things in our lives.
There is no certain remedy for solving any problem any time, but  you should at least try to  calm down and fall asleep, because if you are tired, you won’t have the strength to face the problem when the sun rises up and remind you that a new day is in front of you. Here are some tips which will help you fall asleep easily while you are concerned about your daily issues. Take a look:

Sometimes we are anxious and we don’t know the source of that anxiety, which leads to the tip: Find out the problem that is making you roll around your bed nervously. If you know that you have troubles in falling asleep, you have to think about the problems before you reach the bed. Think a lot about it while you are on the couch. If you find the problem, give yourself a cookie as a reward, but if it remains unsolved, you will be able at least to fall asleep, because you did the thinking while you were out of the bed.

Another trick is to do something else. If you are lying in the bed without drifting away for 20 minutes or more, take a walk around the house/flat. If you have a balcony go there and just breathe a few minutes and then come back to bed. If  you don’t have the luck of having balcony, just open the window and do the same. The fresh and cold night air will help you clear your mind. Often that helps me. Or, make a few squats, lunges, gymnastics – the physical exercises will exhaust your body and the brain will be tricked to fall asleep.

Take some notes. Just get out of the bed, go to another room and write down what is in your mind. Researchers say that the reason for this trick helping us is that we are putting the problems in  something physical, which you can easily  throw away, for instance, write them down in a sheet of paper and then throw away the paper in the bin. Or just set the list aside and come back to it the next day when you will be able to face the issues.

Engage your mind with something else. Phone and laptop are forbidden. Read a book, listen to music, drink tea, choose an outfit for the next day, organize your books, load the laundry. There are so many activities that could be helpful when you want to occupy your mind. But choose a simple thing, otherwise you will end up reading or cleaning the house all night. For instance, choose a book that is not so interesting or only remove the dry dishes from the dishwasher. Then go to sleep, hopefully empty minded and tired.
If you have another useful trick for falling asleep while  you are anxious, please share with us to help each other. Be calm and fall asleep! Night, night!