What is the Favorite Outfit of the Women According to Their Zodiac Sign


Some people like to experiment with fashion and to try different styles, trends, colors, while others stick to the same outfits all their lives. This has to do with the fact that people are different and still some people have similar personalities, even if they do not know each other. They have another thing that is also the same – their zodiac sign. Here are the favorite outfits of women according to their zodiac sign.


The Aries woman love to wear simple and more comfortable outfits. You can often see them wearing the clothes they wore on work when they are walking in the park, or when they are having a party with their friends. They are all about the perfect fit. Some of their favorite pieces of clothing are black pants, denim jackets, and silky tops.


The Taurus woman does not have problem shopping. If she has money she can buy the best outfits for her body type in an hour without hesitating. These women are all about glamor, they won’t buy anything cheap. They are very feminine, so dresses and skirts are their favorite choices. Some of their favorite fabrics are silk and cashmere. They are crazy about accessories like scarfs and sunglasses.


The Gemini woman, as her very own zodiac sign shows, has two faces when it comes to fashion. The first one is the more simple one which you can see them wearing at home and sometimes at work. An example for such an outfit is purple top, blue jeans, and leopard sneakers. While their party face is even more colorful and kitschy. They like to play with colors and experiment, but sometimes their experiments are disastrous. They could put all the accessories they have without matching anything.


The Cancer woman is very elegant but she sometimes do not like to show too much of herself. Her style is more aristocratic, polish and conservative. She knows how to dress for every event she goes to and knows her body very well, so you would never see her wearing anything that is not suitable for her body type. Some of her favorite outfits are long dresses in beige or gray matched with a pair of black high heels.


Like the color of the lion, the Leo woman’s favorite color is gold and it is the one that is most common both her wardrobe and in her jewelry box. She is a woman that values traditions and that is why she would often find some clothes and accessories in her grandma’s attic and would love them. Vintage is definitely her style. You can often see her wearing dresses and blouses with folklore patterns.


The Virgo woman is so feminine that sometimes people think it is too much. In the Virgo’s wardrobe you may find all the girly colors you may think of, pink, yellow, baby blue, light green. You can often see her wearing colorful accessories and handbags. Some of her favorite clothes are the miniskirts which she loves to wear even in the winter.


As their very own zodiac sign shows it, the Libra women are very balanced in all aspects of their lives, including fashion. Even if their sign is not an earth one, they love all the earth colors, like brown and green. They are very sophisticated and love to dress stylish even at home. One of their favorite outfits is the nude color pleated skirt combined with a white chiffon blouse.


The Scorpio woman is very career-oriented. She wants to achieve everything by herself and hates being judged by the way she looks. This is the main reason why she chooses clothes that do not attract attention. She is not afraid to be in her work uniform even if she is not working. Vanity is definitely not her thing. You can rarely see her wearing a skirt or a dress. Her favorite colors are the darker ones, like black.


The Sagittarius woman is everything but girly. She loves men fashion, and especially pants. You can find pants in every color you can think of in her wardrobe. However, the fact that she does not have many skirts or dresses does not make her the slightest inelegant. She likes to combine posh with convenience. She loves stripes, plaids and animal prints.


The Capricorn women are a bit lazy when it comes to fashion. They do not like going shopping. They prefer to have one outfit that they can wear at home and at work. Most of the times the outfits are quite sporty and conventional. A t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some sneakers are their usual choice. Their favorite fabrics are the ones that are easy to wear and do not have wrinkles even if you sat all day in a chair.


These women are not afraid of fashion. They love the fact that every season something new comes up and they are the first ones to try it. They get bored quickly of their old clothes. And this is the time when their creativity comes up. They can accessorize an outfit in such a way that it can fool you it is a new one. One of her favorite outfits is an asymmetrical blouse, a pair of jeans, and a statement bag.


The women from this zodiac sign are very calm. They are not the typical crazy-about-fashion women, but they also hate being restricted. They would prefer to have one outfit in their wardrobe but it has to be absolutely spotless and stylish. Some of their favorite fabrics are chiffon, silk and tulle.