How to Blend Eyeshadow Perfectly

perfect eyeshadows

Even if you buy the most expensive makeup in the world and use the best brushes, it doesn’t mean that end result will be “magic”. You have to learn some tricks to be a perfect makeup artist.

One of them is that you should clean your brushes often, especially when you are blending. Imagine that you want to apply a light shadow but you have forgot that the last time you used it you applied black. I can assure you that the effect won’t be what you have expected.

So, if you do not know how to blend eyeshadow perfectly, here are some tips that will help you become professional.

Follow your natural eye shape

There is a different blending technique for different eye shapes. For some one thing may work better than for others. For example, if your you have almond shape eyes, you can safely blend eyeshadows on the crease but do not blend it higher than the natural fold. And if you have deep set eyes then choose a lighter tone to blend in the crease and under the brow.

Two-color blending

Let’s say you want to apply 2 color of makeup that are different, like gold and blue. Apply the gold color in the center of your lid and the blue one in the ends of it. When you have such different colors to blend begin into the lid with short strokes. Start from the outer corner of the lid to the inward one that is close to your nose. And do not stop blending.blend eyeshadows

Blend, blend, blend…

Do not stop blending. This is one of the most important things when it comes to blending, you should blend until there are no sharp lines. The best blending effect you can achieve is by a contouring eyeshadow brush. Swirl it in circular motion from the center of the lid to the crease.

Different types and textures

There are many different combinations when it comes for blending. And there is also a specific blending technique for each one of them. If you use sparkly shadow, blend on crease only. But if you use cream eyeshadow, you can blend even with your finger, up to your brow bone.