How To: Chic Makeup For Fancy Occasions

fancy makeup

Today I will show you how to apply makeup on small eyes. The tricky part about this type of eyes is that often they look even smaller when the makeup is put on.

But if you know how to enhance certain areas with the proper colors, then you will have no trouble at all.

So, let me show you these 7 simple steps for stylish makeup design which will make your eyes look absolutely amazing, no matter how small they are. Take a look at the steps:

Step one:

Always prepare the lids with the proper amount of primer, otherwise you are risking to have smudged liner, stained lids, ugly makeup, etc. Just apply the primer and it will guarantee you long lasting makeup.

Step two:

Highlight the brow bone and the lid with matte, bright color in order to even out the color between the lids and the skin complexion of the face.

Step three:

Create a shadow effect of the crease, which will bring depth of the eye. You can do this with neutral color, which is one or two shades darker than the lids. Apply it on the outer half of the crease, the outer corner of the eye and the bottom lid.

Step four:

Smudge this shadow nicely and spread it all over, no sharp edges allowed!

Step five:

Draw a cat-eye liner on the top lid and don’t forget about the flick. It has to be drawn perfectly. Then apply nude color on the bottom waterline. This little trick will contribute to the bigger look of the eye as well as the neutral color on the crease.

Step six:

Apply mascara on the lashes.

Step seven:

Apply fake lashes for better looking makeup. When the makeup design is so simple, you are allowed to be brave with the lashes.