How To Choose The Right Bangs For Your Face Shape


From time to time women like to change their haircuts. This is a reflection of their inner personality that wants something new and unexpected. Some people say that once women change their hairstyle, they are about to leave their man and find a new one. Even if this is so or not, a lot of women still want to change their haircut, but not to be a drastic change. That is why some of them choose to have bangs. This will give them the thing they need and at the same time they won’t have to wait for a long time before their hair grows back again. So, if you are one of these women who would like to have bangs for some time, you probably wonder what kind of bangs will look best on you. The good news is that bangs look great on every face shape, you just have to match yours with it.

Square face
The first one in the list is the square face shape and the bangs that will look best on it. Before you do anything on your hair, make sure that this is your face shape. This would mean that you have angular features. Your jaw line is wide, almost the length of your cheekbones. Your face would kind look like a square. So, if this is your face type and you want to have bangs, then you should choose ones that will soften your features. In other words, choose side-swept long type of bangs. The length of the bang could reach almost your jaw line. This does not mean that you cannot have a lower side-swept ones, e.g. on the level right under your eyes. Yous should also make sure that the lowest part of the bangs are above the brows, while the longest – at least under the eyes. This way some of your forehead will peek through the hair and the hairstyle will give you just the right amount of soothing your face features need.

Round face

If square faces are the ones with more sharp features, round faces, as their name suggests, are the complete opposite. This means that your jaw line is not angular but softer and rounder and your cheekbones are almost as wide as your jaw. Since your face does not need to be softened, it probably needs to be edged out. For your face shape you should definitely avoid wispy bangs, because they will make your face appear shorter and even softer. Make some angles with your bangs, especially if they are side-swept. Another type of bangs which will be great for you are the thick ones, so do not exclude them from your list of bangs. You can definitely have blunt bangs in this case if you are not a fan of different-lengths bangs, but prefer the traditional ones, which are right about the length of your eyebrows.

Heart-shaped face

If you wonder whether your face is a heart-shaped one, then look yourself in a mirror? Is your forehead quire bigger than your jawline? If so, then you have a heart-shaped face. It looks a bit like an inverted triangle but with softer edges. The thing that your bangs have to do in this case is to balance the width of the forehead with the width of the jaw. One way to do this is to draw the attention away of your forehead by having long bangs that are divided by an invisible line that goes in the middle of your face. This way you won’t draw attention to the width of your forehead. Another kind of bangs you can try are again the side-swept ones with layers. They will also look very good on such face types are yours. And if you add a few highlights in your hair, your new hairstyle will be even more fashionable.

Oval face

Oval shape faces are a bit like the round faces, but they are longer. Their softer angles and their longer length make them the type of face that is most suitable for bangs, because everything looks good on them. They do not have to make their face features edgier or softer, because there is no need since they have it all. Just look at the different types of bangs the other face shapes can wear and choose the ones that you like the best. You can style it quite easily, as well – just blow dry it a little so that you achieve natural waves. If you have any doubts, you can try wispy bangs, because they are not thick and you will get used to your new look quickly. And if you get tired of this hairstyle, you leave it to grow as part of the rest of your hair.


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