How to Grow Out Your Bangs Without Wanting to Pull Your Hair Out – 4 Simple Stages


It is normal from time to time women to want some change. And in most cases this change is connected with their hair. You have probably heard the phrase that if a woman wants to leave her man, the first thing that will reveal her plan is her hair. In other words women want to experiment first with their hair and only then with their men. You decide if this is so or not, but for sure women like to experiment with their hair. That is why they sometimes decide to have bangs. The not so good part is, that when they start to grow out, it is like a small hell. And you start searching for ideas that can help you do this without the urge to pull your hair out. Do not worry, we are here to help you with not 1 but 4 ways to grow out your bangs.

Stage 1 – Your bangs start growing out

You have a new hairstyle – cute bangs that some of your favorite celebrities have. But in a month, or sometimes less, depends on how quickly your hair grows, the bangs start going in youР eyes and it is not only irritating, but you cannot even see. So, what to do when this happens? Here is an easy and yet very effective idea. Instead of trimming the whole of it and having to go through this stage again when the bangs start growing out, do another thing instead. Trim your bangs only in the center. Once you have washed, dried and styled your bangs, get the smallest pair of scissors you have (or if you don’t, buy any). Now hold the scissors vertically, in the center of your forehead somewhere where your nose is. Cut the part of your bangs in between your eyes. The reason to do this is it will help you define the two sections of your bangs which will gradually blend with the rest of your hair. As a plus you will be able to see. Congratulations, you have gone through stage one!


Stage 2 – Separate your bangs in the middle

This stage is about one month after you have started growing out your bangs, of course, it again depends on how quickly your hair grows. If it is fast, then you are very lucky. This is probably the most irritating stage out of the four because you cannot do much, just use a couple of bobby pins to hold the hair from both sides. Do not worry that you will look childish, you can make it work and look chic. If your skin is oily and thus your forehead, separating your bangs from it will help keep them cleaner and not so stingy. You can also use a blow dryer, or a flat iron to make your bangs in some shape that will not look like a cow liked you. And to keep them in place, use some hairspray on them.


Stage 3 – Two month after the beginning

If in the previous stage your bangs were too short to flip their ends out, this stage is the right one to do this. Two months after starting to grow out your bangs, they are long enough to style it the way you want. We are going to flip the ends out. First, apply some product for them to keep them in place. You could use mouse or a salt spray. Then use a blow dryer but do not flip them to the side yet and blow dry them straight. Now get a flat iron and use it to get the ends flipped out towards your ears. Keep doing it until you find the right shape for you. When you finally achieve success, do not forget to spray it so that the bangs stay in place.

Stage 4 – Almost at the finish line

If you are at this stage, congratulations, you have almost succeeded! It has been three months since you have started. Now your bangs will have almost blended with the rest of your hair, so taking care of them will be much easier than the previous stages. Now make your bangs part of your hairstyle by slightly bending your bangs away from your face using a ceramic brush. Of course, if you do not have a ceramic one, every other type of brush will do the job. Now get a small amount of hair and style it so it can blend. You can tease it a little or use a flat iron again, it is up to you. If you go through this stage, congratulations, you have made it! Your bangs have grown out without making you crazy. Now enjoy your new look and think about what your next experiment with your hair will be.