How To Create The Perfect Liner Flick


The makeup techniques and the tricks for doing these techniques are created from and for people who can’t draw. The ones who are gifted with the talent of drawing have no trouble in makeup a simple eyeliner on their lids. But the rest of us, who are deprived of this gift, have to find another way for applying makeup properly. Today I want to show one traditional way of applying a cat-eye liner, but the tutorial is easy, because it shows us the whole procedure step by step. Take a look:

I have a friend who draws amazing paintings and designs and I’ve seen the way she applies her liner on. Her hand is calm and secure and she does it in one simple motion. Just a swipe of the liner wand and her eyes are half way done.
But if your hand isn’t so calm and secure, you have to learn this trick.

  • The essence of creating a perfect eyeliner is to have a perfectly drawn flick at the outer corner of the lash line. Often you mess it up because you leave it for the end of the liner application. The trick is to start with the flick. Make small, thin lines until you reach the desired thickness. Don’t press the liner wand too hard to the skin, the touch must be feather-like, work slowly and carefully. If you have the feeling that your hand is about to shake have a rest. Shake your hand by loosing the wrist and then you can continue.
  • Place the tip of the liner wand at the outer corner of the lash lines (right where they connect) and start drawing a thin line, use only the tip of the wand. Pull it up, it has to point to the end of the brow.
  • Then place the tip of the wand in the middle of the top lash line. Again, use only the tip of the liner wand. Pull the line to the first one and connect it at an obtuse angle.
  • Then cover the rest of the lash line and fill any gaps.
    Done! Enjoy the perfection of your work!

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